About us

About us

IST is a caring community in which each child feels valued.

We believe it is essential to create an environment in which individual self-esteem flourishes.

We want to meet the concerns of international children.

Mission Statement

Everyone equal, Everyone different, Everyone special.

We embrace all diversity and similarities of cultures around the world. By learning from and with each other, we learn to appreciate, respect and understand the world around us. We want to develop self conscious and self responsible young world citizens.

International School Twente is the only international school in the Twente region. We offer international education for children aged 4-12. We are fully recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Education and accountable for the quality of our education to the Dutch Inspectorate.

The International Primary Curriculum offered by the IST promotes the integration of essential skills, values and attitudes across all program areas. Our curriculum also builds a solid foundation in English literacy and numeracy. 

Close cooperation with the Dutch Prinseschool helps children integrate more easily. We promote intercultural understanding, tolerance and respect. We understand that the IST is also a meeting place for parents from the international mobile community, and therefore we support and facilitate initiatives for parent’s clubs like our coffee club and the parent’s committee.